No idea who’ll see this, but I need your guy’s help: I can get $2.50 (right now I’m going for $20, but $200 in the long term. so any little bit helps ;w;) worth of CSC if I refer people to a site for this weekend only (it’s like neopets I guess? But not, it’s more mature?? idk pff). No downloads and you don’t have to pay or anything. It should take like 5-10 minutes of your time. If you don’t have time/just don’t feel like it, no worries~! =w=

If you do have time/if you’re bored enough that you’re still reading this, I’d be forever grateful and love you forever if you could help me =w= I’ll make it as easy as possible? For the referral to count:

  1. Click here c:
  2. Click “join for free” and sign up~!
  3. Create a pet~!
  4. Earn 10,000sP (shouldn’t be hard at all)
  • Ways to earn sP? 
  • Create a shop, then put a cheap item in your shop for 10,000sP and I’ll buy it from you c:
  • For free items (aka to sell for sP):
  • Get the Free Gift (I have no idea if it’s still the 1 Week Gold Account Medal, but if it is, definitely get it, the prices is slightly deflated right now because it is/was the Free Gift)(so, wait to sell or use it yourself? or you can sell it to me ;) ♥)
  • Get free food~
  • A free fruit~

So, yeah~! If you have any questions or anything, tell me c: If for some reason, you’re interested in playing after all that, feel free to message me/friend me, and I’ll try my best to help you =w=


1 note = 1 pixel for your fandom’s symbol (shown above) in an art piece I’m making
If you would like to see all of the fandoms, look through these posts
IF YOU DON’T SEE YOUR FANDOM, send me a message saying what fandoms I missed and I’ll add them
If you would like to know more about the project, read this post
This is kind of a cop out because there are so many animes that have tiny fandoms, and it would at least triple the number of fandoms I have to do right now. I will do a few of the larger anime fandoms separately, but this is all I can do for the rest so they are still included.